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Blessings From My Source

Spirit is always a blessing therefore blessings are always occurring. Let us open our minds and hearts to receive these blessings.  Then we will experience them in the physical form.  When that occurs, embrace them with gratitude; embrace them with joy.  Then bless others with a heart and mind filled with gratitude while consciously being an expression of Spirit.   Then we move through the world as a blessing from the Source.  This is our Truth. 

“Know that as we bless, we express the Infinite.” 

“We each have the human capacity and the spiritual wherewithal to allow the coming year to be a truly blessed and joyous time. A time of healing, renewal, and love made visible. We can be more faithfully prayed up, affirming our connection with the Divine and with each other. This year we can be more generous, kind, and light-hearted. More centered on the things of this life that reflect our deepest heart and our most noble intentions.

Every day this year, no matter the circumstances, we can choose to feel blessed and to be a blessing for others.” – Scott Awbrey

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