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Spiritual Law In Action – April

What does it mean to be a Spiritual Community?

Coming together in person as a spiritual community can be challenging to some. After so long of being distant from one another we have had to re-think what it means to be a spiritual community.

We look to the Truth of who we are to guide us. That Truth is, that we are all one and that we can be intentional with our upcoming future.

We can set forth the intention that we can adapt to this new world of hybrid technology without fear and anxiety. We can set the intention that true change can happen in the world, and we can look to be collaborative instead of competitive. We can still be with each other no matter how far separated we feel at times. We can also look to a bold new future of opportunities for growth. Releasing the idea around a form.

When we come together in Spiritual Community it can be a chance to help model solutions for the world. By first identifying our Unity to one another, then by allowing Love to guide the communication. We can learn to build bridges where there once were walls.

Join us all this month as we engage in this new Spiritual Community. We will be in-person and online.

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