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Spiritual Law In Action – June

June’s Spiritual Law In Action is “Give to Yourself and Others”

Giving does not directly imply that there is only one recipient. Giving actually can mean to yourself as well. Yes, of course most people will focus on giving to others, but think about how often you actually give to yourself.

When we can learn to appreciate giving ourselves the things we need we start to develop a good balance in life. Not becoming so stressed, constantly chasing accomplishment, and neglecting emotions that arise when you aren’t being heard. We start to find things that bring us life, make us excited, and give us positive challenges for other areas of our life.

Giving also means being conscious of what we are giving to others. Have you ever received what you felt was a re-wrapped gift?

The type of energy that we put into giving is just as important as when we give to ourselves. Finding unique ways of listening to people and finding something to give that means the most to them. Sometimes, people just want to be heard and enjoy time more than having “things”. Giving requires listening and understanding the true needs of others.

From the Universal perspective, the Law of Cause and Effect work in the same way. When we block our good by thinking “small-minded” then the Universe replies with the same attitude. When we constantly give and never take time to give gratitude the Universe replies by giving us the feeling of never having enough.

We must watch this delicate balance of giving, gratitude, and receiving for it is the language of the Universe and it is always responding.

Join us this month to dive deeper into this topic

We want to invite you to join us for the POWER HOUR, along with our monthly email which will give you fun exercises, and in-depth information about this principle. So join us by following the steps below.

Remember this is a No Cost program; however, we do encourage you to give to our center to help us continue to bring these programs to you.


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Here is what is included:

  1. A short video with some explanation about the Spiritual Law of the month and an elaboration of the affirmations and/or activities are given.
  2. Engage in the Spiritual Laws in Action process on the chart below for each week.  There will be interactive exercises and wonderful Affirmations.
  3. For discussion and/ or questions, join us at Power Hour.  Each Thursday, at 6:30 PM PST.  There will be a segment for Spiritual Laws In Action.

This process tends to build on itself.  So we recommend working through ALL the weeks for maximum benefit and to BUILD YOUR SPIRITUAL MUSCLE!

Please watch this video to get started…https://www.youtube.com/embed/hPapy-8CMlQ?feature=oembed


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